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  • Dry polymer dissolving units


Triple chamber system - Continuous flow dry polymer dissolver unit

Tridos is an automatic polymer powder dissolver unit for the preparation of a highly effective polymer solution.


The flocculant is injected into the batch chamber through the dry product dosing device.
The wetting device provides for a homogeneous wetting of the product.
The wetted product is then fed into the draught tubes of the Verdos agitator system. Upon reaching an optimum mixing ratio, the product overflows into the maturation chamber, where it is gently homogenised and provided as the matured product.
The resulting polymer solution can now be injected into the process as a ready-to-use solution through the dosing pumps without intermediate tanks.

The system can be used either with dry or liquid media.

The system is controlled via a Siemens Simatic PLC. The touch panel can be used to enter all parameters required for optimum system operation and to monitor all process data, ensuring the preparation of a consistent polymer solution.

Tridos in standard design:

Dissolving capacity 1000 – 15000l/h
Polymer capacity 5-75 kg/h
Solution concentration 0,1 – 0,5%

Data and facts:

  • Triple-chamber tank (batch, maturation and dosing chamber) made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Theoretical maturation time of 60 minutes
  • Agitator inside maturation chamber
  • Heated screw conveyor
  • Wetting device developed by VERDOS
  • Draught tube agitator system developed by VERDOS
  • 100l stock hopper
  • Fill level control in dosing chamber
  • Overfill preventionHigh-quality stainless steel piping

Custom sizes available on request.

Further options:

  • Big-Bag lifting frame with or without crane
  • Granulate suction unit
  • PID controlled water flow path with inductive flow meter and control valve
  • Storage container for dry polymer, bag discharge or with Big Bag frame
  • Pressure booster station for dilution water
  • Dosing system for polymer solution
  • Secondary dilution units for further reduction of the solution concentration
  • Double filter unit with differential pressure gauge for polymer solution filtration
  • Liquid polymer dosing pump
    • Coriolis or inductive flow meter for PID controlled liquid polymer supply
  • Agitator for dosing chamber
  • Air conditioning unit for switch and control cabinet
Tridos aus PP (Polypropylen)
Dreikammeranlage - Durchlaufsystem für Trockenpolymer

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