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  • Decanting & Storage Systems

IBC Mother-Daughter Systems

IBC, Decanting, Storage & Dosing Station

Our mother-daughter systems, decanting and storage stations are automatic decanting and storage systems for chemicals. The storage system can be expanded with a dosing system and is therefore a compact decanting, storage and dosing station.

IBC decanting, storage and dosing stations

Our IBC decanting, storage and dosing stations are compact automated systems that accept an IBC container, decant it into an upstream tank and then dose the medium automatically at the dosing point.

IBC decanting systems

Our IBC decanting systems are semi automatic compact systems for the reception and decanting of an IBC container.

Storage & Dosing Station

Our storage & dosing stations are automatic storage systems for chemicals. They are custom-made according to the individual requirements of the customer.

Decanting & transfer systems

Our decanting and transfer systems are semi- or fully automatic compact systems.

Big Bag Stations

With crane track and electrical chain hoist

For powder handling (such as dry polymer), big bags have proven their worth.
Due to their large capacity, they offer clear advantages over sacks.

Storage and processing tanks

For LAU and HBV systems according to the current German AwSV regulation.

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