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Filter systems

Pipe shearing stations

The pipe shearing station is a fully automatic filter system for polymer shearing.
Polymer dosing without gel formation, fish eyes or clots.

Angle seat valves
Operating panel
Valve block

Our pipe shearing station is designed to ensure gel-free dosing of polymer solutions and to reduce the filter cleaning effort.
The system is equipped with two shear housings connected in parallel, for alternating operation.
Each shear housing features shear sieves with varying mesh sizes, which ensure gel-free polymer solutions.
Due to continuous pressure difference measurement, the production lines switch over fully automatically and initiate backwashing if necessary. The use of a bypass line allows bypassing the pipe shearing station in manual mode.
Pneumatically actuated valves ensure maximum operational reliability even in case of frequent valve switching.

Data and facts:

  • Fully automatic
  • Mounted on a stainless steel chassis
  • Premium stainless steel filter housings and shear sieves
  • Max. operating pressure 16 bar
  • Minimum maintenance effort
  • Backwashing unit
  • Highest operating safety and reliability
  • Sampling nozzle
Rohrscherstation / Pipe shearing station
Rohrscherstation / Pipe shearing station

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